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GTI 90/130

Enjoy Sea-Doo GTI watercraft style, fun power and valuable features like Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) and Light and Strong Polytec Hull Material.
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  • Rider Capacity

    • Rider Capacity



      600 lb / 272 kg

  • Engine

    • Available Colours
      • GTI



    • Type

      ROTAX 900 HO ACE


    • Intake System

      Naturally aspirated

    • Displacement

      899 cc

      1,494 cc

    • Cooling

      Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)

    • Reverse System

      Electronic iBR

    • Starter


    • Fuel Type

      87 octane

    • ITC (Intelligent Throttle Control)

      Operating electronically, this advanced throttle system features an activity-specific Touring, Sport and ECO modes that can all be set to accommodate your riding style. The result is a more responsive, more intuitive ride.

    • iControl Learning Key

      The programmable Learning Key allows you to limit the performance of the PWC based on rider skill-level.

    • D-Sea-Bel™ System

      Combines a series of resonators and vibration- absorbing components to make Sea-Doo watercraft some of the quietest on the water.

    • Closed-Loop Cooling System

      Uses coolant to keep the engine running at the ideal temperature, much like a car’s radiator. Also keeps out corrosive saltwater and debris.

  • Dimensions

    • Fuel Capacity

      15.9 US gal / 60 l

    • Length

      132.6" / 336.8 cm

    • Width

      48.5" / 123.1 cm

    • Weight (Dry)

      640 lb / 291 kg

      718 lb / 326 kg

    • Storage Capacity


      1.7 US gal / 6.6 L

      29 US gal / 110 L


      30.7 US gal / 116.6 L

  • Hull

    • Type

      • Medium-sized platform

      • Moderate V hull

      • Forgiving and nimble

  • Features

    • Polytec

      The hull is made of Polytec material, a recyclable, low density and high-impact composite material that includes polypropylene and long glass fiber reinforcements. It was designed to maintain the structural integrity of the watercraft under stress while providing light yet durable parts to support the construction of the product.

    • iControl

      The “Brain” that integrates and controls all systems to create the best possible ride.

    • Touring/Sport Mode

      Offers a choice between two throttle responses for different riding styles. Touring mode is the default setting offering a more progressive acceleration curve for a more confident ride – ideal for cruising and 2-up riding. Sport mode can be easily activated using the Sport button. It provides all acceleration performance for a more aggressive throttle response.

    • Eco Mode

      This iTC function automatically determines the most economical power delivery and sets the optimal RPM for greatest fuel economy.

    • 3-Up-Seat

      Comfortable room for three – permits rear-facing spotter for watersports and features waterproof, UV resistant material for additional durability.

    • Elevated Fuel Filter

      Easy access and prevents water intrusion while refueling.

    • RF D.E.S.S™ KEY

      With radio frequency technology and a ball-and-socket design, the Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) key provides riders with easy and quick starts every time.


      Provides the operator with additional steering effect in off-throttle situations for greater maneuverability.


      Fuel level, Tachometer, Speedometer, Touring mode, Sport mode, ECO mode, Hour meter and more.

    • Package Features



      Tow hook

      Footwell carpets

      Swim platform carpet

      Wide-angle mirrors

      Seat strap

      Rear grab handle

      Dual drain plugs

      Flush kit

      Emergency floating lanyard

  • Propulsion System


      First and only true brake on a watercraft recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boating safety since 2009. Now in its 2nd generation, the intuitive and improved iBR allows you to stop close to 160 feet sooner¹ for greater peace of mind. All wit


      Delivers improved acceleration, higher top speed and less cavitation.

  • Options

    • -

      Reboarding Ladder

      Retractable Ski Pylon

      Wakeboard Rack

      Shock Tube

      Depth Finder

      Ski Module

      X package module (Time / distance to empty, Top / average speed / RPM, Lap timer and Engine temperature)

      Sea-Doo Speed Tie™

      Dry Bag

      Ski Tow Eye

      Front Storage Tray

      12-Volt Outlet and Installation Kit

      Safety Equipment Kit

      Bilge Pump Kit

      Sandbag Anchor

      Fire Extinguisher

      Snap-in Fenders and Installation Kit

      Watercraft Cover

  • Warranty

    • Factory

      BRP limited warranty covers the watercraft for two years.

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    • Things to consider

      - Trailer

      - Registration

      - Pre Delivery

      - Insurance

  • Key Features

    • ROTAX 900 HO ACE The compact and lightweight Rotax 900 HO ACE incorporates impressive fuel economy for more time on the water and less time at the gas station with crisp acceleration and an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND HIGH-STRENGTH This innovative material reduces the weight of the watercraft to deliver peak performance even with smaller engines and making it easy to tow with most sedans. Plus, the color-in molding makes it more scratch-resistant than fiberglass.

    • FRONT STORAGE The largest storage space in its category* (30.8 US gal. / 116.6 L) lets you store plenty of gear. *Manufacturers' websites. Based on similarly priced models.

    • INTELLIGENT BRAKE AND REVERSE (iBR) Recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boat safety since 2009 and now in its third generation, the Sea-Doo exclusive iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) system allows you to stop up to 160 feet (48 m)* sooner than watercraft not using a brake. With both hands on the handlebars, riders can engage forward, neutral, and reverse for stable, worry-free maneuvering at low speeds. *Based on BRP internal testing.

    • INTELLIGENT THROTTLE CONTROL Choose how you want your power delivered thanks to different riding modes such as Sport and ECO.

    • CLOSED-LOOP COOLING SYSTEM This technology prevents corrosive saltwater and damaging debris from entering the engine, for increased reliability and peace of mind.

    • ANTI-THEFT SECURITY SYSTEM AND iCONTROL LEARNING KEY A Digitally Encoded Security System unique to your watercraft that serves as an effective theft deterrent. Learning Key also limits speed for beginners.

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    • Things to consider

      - Trailer

      - Registration

      - Pre Delivery

      - Insurance

Spec Sheet

Would you like to print or save this information? Download the spec sheet for this personal watercraft here.

  • 2019 Sea-Doo GTI 90/130 Spec Sheet - Download


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