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Don’t choose between a skim or surf style board. Get one board and enjoy the best of both worlds! The Byerly Buzz is a fun freestyle shape that is the fastest and most maneuverable board that Byerly makes.

If you haven’t heard about the Buzz, here is a quick synopsis: the Byerly Buzz is a unique hybrid shape designed to bridge the gap between skim and surf style boards so that you can enjoy everything that makes wakesurfing so much fun. A real quiver killer, the Buzz can lay into a bottom turn like a true surf style board but also spin circles when you want or boost an air high above the wake.

Shaped in Florida by legendary shaper Scott “Butch” Bouchard, him and Mr. Scott Byerly aimed to create a high-performance surfer that worked well for everyone on the boat. The Byerly Buzz is highly versatile and a user-friendly ride that suits wakesurfers of all skill levels and riding styles.

The board is shaped and constructed with an EPS foam core and layered glass for a true surf feel. It is then wrapped in their exclusive Dura-Shell construction for unmatched durability that can take a beating without showing any dings or dents. Equipped with Futures fin boxes, the Buzz comes standard with two outside surf fins that give it that next level speed.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one wakesurf board that does it all… the Byerly Buzz.

Byerly Buzz Features
-Dura-Shell Construction
-EPS Core
-Futures Fin System
-Single Concave Base Contour
-Mellow Tail Channels
-Machined EVA Traction Pad
-Monocoque Construction
-Layered Glass
Made with love by 40/40 Creative