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One look at BIG DADDY and you know you’re gonna tame just about any terrain. Oh yeah, BIG DADDY’s got the world doing a double take! Backed up by supreme long-lasting power, this board is an off-road master. This is robust, no-compromise design, at its best. Gliding over grass, cruising hard beach sand, or blasting bitumen, you’ll have the wind in your face. Control… acceleration… speed… Plant your feet on BIG DADDY and pull the trigger!

Deck Style: BIG DADDY

- Deep Concave Deck: Delivers steady, fluid control for manoeuvrability and styling
- LED Head/Tail Lights
- Extra Ply Veneer: Built-in strengthening with tuned flexibility
- Long Wheelbase: More clearance means more off-road versatility
- Power Plant: Extreme high-torque – plenty of power to grind the dirt!
- Standard, sealed lead acid battery
- Wheel Rims: Aluminium – lightweight, rock solid
- Tyres: Pneumatic - rugged heavy-duty off-road knobby rubber. Also available in Street-Special profile for a smoother street ride
- Max Load: 135kg
- Carry Handle
- System Safety: Low-voltage cut-off switch, with heat overload fuse protection sensor

Motor: All Terrain

- Top Speed: 37kph
- Range: 20-30 kilometres (LiFePo4)
- Pistol-Grip controller: Wireless (Proximity activated)
- Stepless digital throttle, with Tri-Speed selector
- Three speed settings to give you progressive control for confident skills development
- ABS Braking: Anti-Lock, Controller-Activated-Braking. Regenerative technology helps increase ride-time

Compared to other battery types, Li-ion batteries offer a high energy density, relatively low self-discharge rates, require little if any maintenance (e.g. no periodic discharge is required) and display no memory effects. Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer the optimal combination of properties, in particular the highest continuous discharge rate, providing constant power to run the electric motor of your Fiik electric skateboard. There is plenty of science in the batteries that power Fiik electric skateboards. The LiFePO4 batteries utilised in Fiik electric skateboards blend the best technology, safest chemistry, most superior performance in an environmentally friendly package to ensure you spend your time carving up the tracks rather than charging and maintaining your batteries.
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