Why buy Malibu/Axis? ‘It’s a quality product’

The primary reason our customers choose Malibu/Axis:

  • Quality – ‘Wanted a quality performance boat for family and friends to enjoy. Malibu provides quality, great looks and reliability’.
  • Best value/value for money – ‘Value for money and Australian built with after sales service.
  • Reputation – ‘Australian built and made. Good reputation, excellent customer service’.
  • Reliable dealer support – ‘The service and support we receive even after we have taken the boat home is why we will only buy Malibu’.

Malibu/Axis owners LOVE their dealer

The most important pre-purchase consideration when buying a Malibu/Axis boat is the quality of relationship and/or experience with the dealer (79% of customers rated this as ‘very important’).

The great news for Malibu/Axis buyers is that a massive 70% of our customers rated their experience with their dealer as 5 out of 5!  We all know what hard markers Australians are, so that is a huge vote of confidence for our dealers, who together have more than 95 years’ experience in supporting Malibu/Axis owners through the lifetime of their boat ownership.

9 / 10 owners will refer Malibu/Axis to a friend.

Nine out of ten Malibu/Axis owners will refer Malibu or Axis to a friend or colleague.  In fact, many of our customers told us they purchased their Malibu/Axis based on the recommendation of a friend – and they haven’t looked back.

92% are likely to buy Malibu/Axis again.

‘I love the product and when the time is right we’ll update with another Malibu.’

‘I am very happy with all the Malibu’s we have owned and the after-sales service has been second to none.’

‘When you’re on a good thing, stick with it.’

‘On our third one now. Malibu for life!’

‘Having owned one previously we simply cannot fault them.’