You often see newcomers to our hobby making basic mistakes that increase their risk of injury or damage to their shiny new jet ski. There is a lot to learn early on, but one bad experience can hurt your back pocket or your future enjoyment of the open water.

These 4 PWC riding mistakes should be avoided at all costs by beginners.

Leaning Back Too Far

You sometimes see jet skis surging through the air like a dolphin with the bow angled up. This can be great fun in experienced hands, but beginners need to know how to keep their PWC planted. You often see bow-rise from beginners who have accelerated too hard from a dead stop.

To correct this PWC riding issue, you need to shift your feet toward the back of your jet ski and lean forward when accelerating to keep your ski planted.

Spinning out or Losing Control

One of the most common causes of PWC riding injuries is sliding or spinning out. Newer jet skis are much more controllable than their older counterparts, but the wrong handling techniques can still throw you off your PWC and put you at risk of injury.

Modern PWCs encourage riders to lean into their turns. If you feel unsteady on your craft doing so, you need to change your foot placement for stability. Keep your foot that is on the inside section of the turn as far forward in the footwell as possible, and move your outside foot to the back of the footwell. This keeps the rear of your jet ski low and gives you the leverage you need to make a turn safely.

Setting the Trim for Speed over Safety

Most modern jet skis come standard with adjustable trim features that allow for a variety of riding preferences. This is achieved by adjusting the angle of the unit, which in turn lifts the nose of  your PWC out of the water or keeps it low.

If the nose of your PWC is set high, less of the jet ski is underwater which reduces drag and increases the potential for high speed riding. The downside of this is less responsive steering and potential risk for beginner riders. Those getting used to PWC riding should keep the angle low to increase stability.

Choosing to Sit When the Going Gets Rough

Though it won’t put you in immediate danger, choosing to sit while riding your PWC in very choppy surf can tire you out quickly. Your spine and lower back can cop a battering from the constant impact, and you run the risk of injury if you carry on for too long.

Standing allows you to see the conditions ahead better, and your legs do a much better job of absorbing the impacts when they do come.

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