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Catering to this evolving market, JSW Powersports on the Gold Coast is quite a remarkable business. It is, in fact, the biggest dealer of Sea-Doo watercraft in the world. It also sells Sea Fox fishing boats and, a recent addition, Malibu towsports boats. Got those bases covered.

For the fifth consecutive year, this bustling dealership in Arundel has sold more Sea-Doos than any other dealer including Riva MotorSports in Pompano Beach, Florida, where the business profile is huge and the Hispanic community loves to ride.

Sea-Doo, the market leader in the PWC segment, includes an on-water braking device on most of its PWC's.

Our maths reveals that JSW Powersports does more than $15m in Sea-Doo turnover annually from sales that have more than doubled in the last five years.
Jeff McNiven, dealer principal at JSW Powersports, says last year [2016-2017], they sold more than 800 units. This figure is growing annually as the dealership grows and develops further.
“We sell just under quarter of all Sea-Doo units nationally,” he says. “The best selling Sea-Doo on the Gold Coast is far and away the GTR-230, an aggressive muscle craft with an attractive look and affordable price point.

Interestingly, there is no stereotypical buyer of a Sea-Doo and not one demographic as such.

“We sell PWCs to 16 year olds right through to grey nomads that want to get out on the water and have a blast! We have a PWC to suit every age bracket,” McNiven enthuses.
“We will also continue to hold our local Ride Day events and will start to look at new and existing routes as numbers increase after each event.”
“Our last Ride Day we had just under 200 PWCs on the water.”
There are owner’s information nights that explain how best to maintain your Sea-Doo and JSW Powersports has factory-trained technicians on the floor. All of the Sea-Doos [bar one model] have Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR).
“It’s just a huge selling point. Everyone is asking for brakes these days,” McNiven told boatsales and BoatPoint.

NEW 2018 PWC'S


At the time of writing, the successful JSW Powersports team was heading to the Club BRP global dealer event in Dallas in September, 2017, where the new 2018 Sea-Doo models will be released.
Yamaha’s 2018 models will come out about the same time. It’s also great to see Kawasaki returning to the PWC market in a bigger way in 2017, with its new Jet Ski SX-R stand-up offering more power from the latest four-stroke engine while adding improved handling from a bigger fibreglass V-hull.


With styling that’s aggressive and sporty, the new Jet Ski SX-R hopes to create a new generation of stand-up riders — the original Kawasaki Jet Ski dates back to 1976 — chasing big performance and/or a hot new platform for competitive racing.
Certainly speed and performance are part of the appeal of the latest PWCs. But there’s also something else… price! For $10-$25k, buyers get a great ride, loads of fun, and a compact water craft they can store in the unit lock-up. Give a PWC a try.

“We sell PWCs to 16 year olds right through to grey nomads that want to get out on the water and have a blast!”

–Jeff McNiven,
Dealer Principal at JSW Powersports Gold Coast.

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