Summer has officially arrived, and with it always comes a host of new jet ski riders. While we welcome new riders to the fold, accidents and ignorance can turn your jet ski dream into a nightmare.

For those new to our pastime, follow these 6 tips for jet ski safety to keep the water safe for yourself and the people around you.

1. Wear a Lifejacket

This is a non-negotiable for jet ski safety. Maritime Safety Queensland mandates that you must wear a lifejacket when operating a PWC in any waterway. There is significant scope for injury when operating a jet ski, and lifejackets are compulsory in case you are knocked unconscious when operating your PWC.

2. Don't Operate a PWC When Under the Influence

Jet skiing is a fun and casual summer hobby, but many new riders do not realise exactly how dangerous it can be. Collisions are the most common accident that occurs when operating a PWC, and riding under the influence increases the risk. You are less likely to discern safety hazards, other riders and swimmers, and more likely to become distracted.

3. Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

In the same way that you do when learning to drive a car or motorcycle, it is important to be fully aware of your surroundings when operating a jet ski. If you cross the wake of another boat or PWC you can impair your own vision of approaching craft, as well as making it difficult for craft heading in your direction to see you quickly enough to divert course.

4. Keep Your Jet Ski Well-Maintained

All PWC owners have a general safety obligation to keep their craft in good condition when in use. Oil or fuel spills can cause environmental damage, and rescuers will have to place their own lives at risk if you become stranded on a defective jet ski.

5. Keep Your Speed Under Control

Beginner PWC riders can put themselves and others at risk by speeding, especially as they are not fully aware of the capabilities of their jet ski. Ensure jet ski safety by keeping your speed below six knots if you are within 60 metres of people in the water or moored boats.

Once you gain some experience and take to the open water, always remember to keep 30 metres away from other boats and PWC when travelling at speed.

6. Take Particular Care near the Shoreline

Maritime Safety Queensland rules state that you must travel at no faster than six knots when within 60 metres of the shoreline. This includes heading back to land after a session out on the water. Swimmers can be hard to spot in choppy swell as you return to shore, so make sure you keep your speed down and your senses alert on the way in.

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