Summer is upon us in Australia, and across the country there are people dipping their toes into the world of jet skiing. Here at JSW Powersports, we believe there is no better way to escape the everyday.

No-one wants to look like a beginner on their PWC, so we have put together some jet ski riding tips to help you start out with confidence and save face with your mates.

1. Board from the Back

You’ve got your PWC in the water, now it’s time to climb aboard with grace. Resist the temptation to climb on from the side, as some skis can flip if you put all your weight on the edge. You will find a handle directly behind the seat on most skis that will help you climb on easily - if you’re riding with a passenger, make sure you climb on one at a time.

2. Straight as an Arrow

It’s not something that beginners think will be a problem, but keeping your ski on a constant bearing when you’re starting out is easier said than done. Beginners will often look at the handlebars or the water just in front of their craft to see if they’re going straight, but you’re better off looking towards the horizon to stay in the right direction.

3. Keep a Finger on the Throttle for Safety

For beginners, the instinct when approaching a dangerous situation is to stop accelerating and turn away, but this won’t help you. As steering is achieved by the movement of the jets that propel your craft, you need to keep accelerating while turning away when facing a hazard. It might feel a little unusual for those used to slowing down and braking when driving a car, but you get used to it quickly. Sea-Doo watercraft do feature Off-Throttle Assisted Steering, which allows for greater control than other PWC in off-throttle situations.

4. Minimise Impact

You’ve got accustomed to your ski, and now you’re seeing how fast it can go. When your ski first lifts off the water, make sure you lift your body off the seat a little before impact, because it can be jarring when you hit the water. Once you learn to prevent these impacts, you’ll get to love airborne moments.

5. Relax, Just Not Too Much

Hand, arm and shoulder fatigue are common complaints from riders after their first water excursion, and it can usually be attributed to being too tense and hanging on too tight when you start out. You can prevent this by leaning forward with a relaxed grip and keeping your body loose, but always be prepared for hazards that might present.

6. Beginner and Advanced Jet Skis from JSW Powersports

While these jet ski riding tips relate only to beginners, JSW Powersports is proud to be regarded as the leading supplier of Sea-Doo jet skis for sale, suiting riders of all skill levels.

Our Sea-Doo range includes all industry-leading Spark, Tow Sports, Luxury, Recreation and Performance models, and we even sell pre-loved skis for those looking to make a smaller investment. We also stock a range of accessories to make your jet skiing experience safer and more enjoyable.

To view our range, you can visit us Monday through Saturday at 3 Ereton Drive, Arundel, 4214. For any enquiries, call (07) 5529 2616 or make use of our online contact page.