Published : Thursday, 17 August 2017
This Gold Coast dealership has sold more Sea-Doos than any other retailer in the world... and for the fifth year running!

It’s almost hard to believe JSW Powersports in suburban Arundel, Queensland, is the biggest Sea-Doo dealer in the world. But head to the Gold Coast retailer and you can't help but notice something big is going on. There’s almost as much stock being unloaded and piled high as there are new ‘skis’ whizzing out the doors and skipping around the waterways. The numbers don’t lie.

For the fifth consecutive year, this bustling dealership has sold more Sea-Doos than any other dealer worldwide. That includes Riva MotorSports in Pompano Beach, Florida, where the business profile is huge and the Hispanic community loves to ride. Not that JSW Powersports is flying under the radar, mind you, with the biggest Sea-Doo ride day in Australia.

Our maths reveals that JSW Powersports does more than $15m in Sea-Doo turnover annually from sales that have more than doubled in the last five years. This tells an even bigger story globally...

The record Sea-Doo sales at JSW Powersports year-on-year reflect the rising popularity of watercraft around the world.

According to a recent study into US boating use by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 142 million households went boating in America in 2016.

It was found that first-time boaters were more likely than other active boaters to use personal watercraft (PWC), suggesting that watercraft are a gateway to boating.

In Australia, there is an average of 15,000 new vessel registrations every year, but there are 68,000 PWCs registrations — making this the fastest-growing sector of all powered vessels.

Jeff McNiven, dealer principal at JSW Powersports, is chuffed to win the title of biggest dealer again.

"Last year [2016-2017], we sold more than 800 units. This figure is growing annually as our dealership grows and develops further.

'While working closely with BRP, we sell just under quarter of all Sea-Doo units nationally," he says.

"The best selling Sea-Doo on the Gold Coast is far and away the GTR-230, an aggressive muscle craft with an attractive look and affordable price point.

"But there is no stereotypical buyer of a Sea-Doo and not one demographic as such.

"We sell PWCs to 16 year olds right through to grey nomads that want to get out on the water and have a blast! We have a PWC to suit every age bracket," Jeff tells us.

"We will also continue to hold our local Ride Day events and will start to look at new and existing routes as numbers increase after each event.

"Our last Ride Day we had just under 200 PWCs on the water."

With more than 1000 square metres of indoor and outdoor showroom space, JSW Powersports backs up it sales with a large range of accessories and a full service centre.

There are owner’s information nights that explain how best to maintain your Sea-Doo and JSW Powersports has factory-trained technicians on the floor.

"All of the Sea-Doos [bar one model] have Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR). It’s just a huge selling point. Everyone is asking for brakes these days," McNiven told boatsales and BoatPoint.

At the time of writing, the successful JSW Powersports team was heading to the Club BRP global dealer event in Dallas in September, 2017, where the new 2018 Sea-Doo models will be released.

BRP has big, industry shaping news, we’re reliably told in our media invitation, so watch this space!

And, right now, there’s a massive sale at JSW Powersports with up to $3500 off some Sea-Doo models.

More information at Sea-Doo and JSW Powersports.


The success of JSW Powersports is directly related to the on going support of the local Gold Coast community.

Thank you Gold Coast.