What a day we had celebrating our 4th Birthday as JSW Powersports! We are honoured that so many of you joined us to celebrate on Saturday and hope that you all enjoyed the day. In true JSW style drinks were flowing, music was pumping and Captain Jack Sparrow was here to entertain all. Starting from 12 noon we had DJ Truksta on the decks, the JSW Burger Bar in action and the very popular Race Car Simulators in full swing. Racing the Bathurst 1000 track competing for the prize of a Nilox F-60 Videocamera... the competition was fierce!


The time finally came that everyone had been waiting for, the draw of the finalists to win the Sea-Doo Spark.  The entries had been collected through the competition period and placed into a large glass bowl.  With the assistance of some keen little helpers finally we had our 5 finalists ready to determine their fate.  We asked each finalist to pick a Spark lanyard, with only one of them programmed to start the engine.  As the first lanyard clipped onto the Spark you could hear a pin drop..... the crowd silent in anticipation.  It was not meant to be.  The next two lanyards also failed to start the Spark leaving the last two finalists head to head.  It was the fourth try that ignited the engine, the winner Tom Jenkins was absolutely delighted.  Although there was only one winner, our 4 runners up walked away with a Sea-Doo Aqua Lounge to enjoy.  Not quite a Spark but still, not a bad consolation prize!


Overall the day was a huge success and our team enjoyed every minute of it.  Again we would like to thank everyone who came, we have never seen our showroom so full of people!  We would like to thank everyone who helped us on the day including DJ Truksta, Captain Jack Sparrow, Corrine from Colourful Creationz, The Fun Team, The Race Centre and Jaxon Evans for letting us have his Porsche GT3 on display.  Finally, congratulations again to Tom Jenkins for your big win.  We hope you enjoy your summer out on the water!